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Landscape Photography Techniques

Ideas to help you take great landscape photos!

From where to go to get that great shot in the first place, to what to do with the image when you get home.

There are many options for the adventurous landscape photographer.

Urban landscapes, seascapes, it depends on what interests you.

Eventually you will find your niche. One of the best ways of doing this (part from getting out and taking lots of photos), is to look at the work of other photographers.

You can find them online, locally or even in photography books.

You will soon see what images you are drawn to.

Don't copy their style, try to create your own. This will happen over time, not overnight!

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landscape photography fine art

What can you do with an image!

The idea of fine art landscape photography is to create an artistic interpretation of the world around us. So what you do in the photo editing stage, is dependant on the look you want to achieve. It could be that you choose black and white treatmnets as your niche. The options are only limited by your imagination and your knowledge of the software you choose to use.

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